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San Luis Obispo DUIA driving under the influence (DUI) arrest triggers two separate cases, the criminal case and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) administrative action. Both are extremely serious and require prompt attention. The criminal case will be handled by the prosecutor’s office. The DMV administrative action will be handled by the DMV and deals with the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license and therefore, your diving privileges in California.

In California, driving under the influence is one of the most complicated areas of criminal law. Darryl Genis has been practicing law for nearly 30 years. He has dedicated his time, skills, and practice to the specialized area of criminal law known as driving under the influence defense (DUI defense). What does this means to you and your defense? He concentrates exclusively on DUI and DUI-related cases. He stays current with all DUI laws and penalties for both the criminal case and the DMV case. With this specialization, you receive the assistance of a highly qualified DUI lawyer, with decades of experience, as well as personalized attention. Specializing in DUI defense gives Mr. Genis a huge advantage over other criminal attorneys who practice all areas of criminal law, which can pull their focus in several directions.

A DUI charge is a criminal charge and it is a serious crime. Do not let the shock of a DUI arrest paralyze you. It is scary, traumatic and it is difficult Drunk Drivingto know where to turn. It is critical that you know you are not alone. Mr. Genis is here to guide you through the steps of this terrifying situation. You need to begin immediately on your defense. The first step is to hire a qualified and knowledgeable DUI defense attorney. Not all attorneys are alike. You want one that will work with you, protecting your freedom, your rights and your driving privileges. It is invaluable to have an attorney who knows the prosecutors, the laws, the criminal court system, and the experts to use in your defense. Mr. Genis possesses all this and more. His practice focuses on the conscientious and fervent defense of clients accused of DUI and DUI-related charges whether they are misdemeanors or felonies. If you have been arrested for a DUI in San Luis Obispo County, contact Darryl Genis immediately.

The process and procedures for the criminal case are not the same as for the DMV case. They each have their own unique set of rules and procedures, as well as the burden of proof is different. In addition, the criminal case and the DMV case can have different outcomes. Mr. Genis can help you with both.

Even if you do not live in California, a DUI arrest in California could affect you in your home state because California is one of several states that share DUI information. Getting a DUI here, could have long reaching affects on your life back home. The only way to protect yourself is to contact a DUI defense attorney and discuss your case.

If you are facing a DUI or DUI-related charge, contact Mr. Genis immediately for a free case consultation. There really is no time to waste. He has the experience and knowledge to help you fight you DUI charges while protecting your freedom, your rights and your driving privileges. The only way to know what you are facing and what your options are is to contact a DUI defense attorney today.

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In a DUI case time is very important. Don't hesitate. You only have 10 days after the arrest to schedule a DMV hearing or you will lose your Drivers License.

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